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Supported SSDs

Below is a list of NVMe SSDs that have been tested by Uptime Lab and community members.

Crucial P3CT500P3SSD8500GBpxpunx
Crucial P3CT4000P3SSD84TBUptime Lab
Intel 670pSSDPEKNU512GZ512GBpxpunx
Intel Optane H10HBRPEKNX0101A16GB + 256GBpxpunx
Intel Optane M10 1MEMPEK1J032GAD32GBpxpunx
Kingston NV2SNV2S/250G250GBpxpunx
Kingston SNS8154P3RBUSNS8154P3256GJ1256GBpxpunx
Micron 2450MTFDKBA256TFK256GBpxpunx
Micron 3400MTFDKBA512TFH512GBpxpunx
Patriot P310P310P240GM28240GBpxpunx
PNY CS1030M280CS1030-250-RB250GBpxpunx
Samsung 970 EVOMZ-V7E500500GBpxpunx
Samsung 970 EVO PlusMZ-V7S1T0B2TBUptime Lab
Samsung 960 PROMZ-V6P512BW500GBUptime Lab
Samsung 970 PROMZ-V7P512BW500GBUptime Lab
Samsung 980 PROMZ-V8P1T0B1TBUptime Lab
Samsumg PM991aMZ9LQ256HBJD256GBpxpunx
SK hynix BC711HFM256GD3JX016N256GBpxpunx
SK hynix PC611HFS001TD9TNI1TBUptime Lab
Solidigm P41 PlusSSDPFKNU512GZ512GBpxpunx
Synology SNV3510SNV3510-400G400GBUptime Lab
TEAMGROUP MP33TM8FP6256G0C101256GBpxpunx
Toshiba BG3KBG30ZMS128G256GBpxpunx
Transcend 110STS256GMTE110S256GBpxpunx
WD Black SN770WDS250G3X0E250GBpxpunx
WD Black SN770WDS500G3X0E500GBUptime Lab
WD Blue SN570WDS250G3B0C250GBpxpunx
WD Green SN350WDS240G2G0C240GBpxpunx
WD Red SN700WDS500G1R0C500GBpxpunx
WD SN520SDAPNUW-256G-1006256GBpxpunx

1 This SSD will not function as a boot disk.

Benchmarks is a popular site to upload micro SD, eMMC, SSD, and other storage benchmarks for Raspberry Pi and Pi clones. You can find benchmarks for some of the NVMe SSDs above via the links below.